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April 29, 2009

Please take a look at our recently refurbished website [www.etihometheaters.com]. We used a wordpress template and it seems to be showing off our work. If I had a drawback to the template, it would be the fact that adding posts are done in a sequential order and can not be alphabetized unless you put the posts in starting with the letter “z” and so on. Oh well, the template was not designed for that purpose … so it is not anybody’s fault. I’ll work around it! This blog is for anyone interested in website design (especially wordpress) and residential audio/video questions. As to the latter, let’s focus on custom home theaters and whole house audio/video automation.
Thanks in advance for your comments … the ETI team.

P.S.  This blog will be responded to on a Monday – Friday from 8AM to 5PM EST basis. Any blogs that are posted outside these days and times will be responded to on the following work day. Thanks … the ETI team.